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The people on the other aide aoon after began the erection of a church on the spot where the present Pena'a Neck Church ataudit, aud were organized a separate church, with Mr. Hiram Adaiti.'j accepted a call March 3, 1835, and resigned February 22, 188& Digitized by Google 708 HISTORY OF DELAWAHK. As A reavlt, " the Episo O|ial Afwociation of the borough of Wilmington " was formed, and on April 20, 1813, John Lynam was made chairman; Jamea H. Tatnall Warner, senior warden ; Williard Thomson, junior warden ; Alfred S.

Lideaiua abould be aa« aigned to that Bide of the Del AWare and Magister Thcsscllius remain at Chriatinna as pt Btor, with the general oversight of the pariah. Mci'ullough accepted Septem- ber 12, 1838, and resigned March 25, 1847. i«t:irit sections of onr enunlry bear the name and proudly trace their descent from tho He whose ihint lies in the shadow of thia reverend old sanctuary, Old Swedes' Church. Anireu^9Brotetlmi JBj^te^Bal CAnrdh.*— Tbeanb- ject of a new Epii^copal Church in Wilmington wan agitated as early as 1815 in response to a sentiment dedaring the Old Swedes* Cborch inconveniently situated and inaccessible. The following gentlemen compose the vestry of the ehurch: E.

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John's and Old Swedes', in conjunction with the rector, Mr.

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