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Katie took her doctor’s advice and as well as booking a huge party for her 34th birthday, went to Disneyland Paris with her mother, Margaret, 73, sister Jo, 42, Jo’s husband, Adrian, 47, and nieces Poppy, five, and Hollie, 11.

The Washington State Patrol remains committed to achieving excellence in public safety by striving to improve in professionalism and service to the public.

In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.

If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day.

Pirates of old used many types of ships, anywhere from a small sloop to a large warship.

But generally they gave preference to those with the greatest speed as it would do no good to spot a potential target only to have it out-sail you. The pirates kept their ships in good order, careening them regularly to keep the hulls smooth and clear of seaweed and other marine life.

It’s also important to establish if a patient has a family history of bowel cancer as this can increase the risk.

Other risk factors include being obese, smoking, drinking or a long history of digestive problems including Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis (disorders that cause inflammation in the intestine) — none of which applied to Katie.

Performing artist, festival frequenter or curious traveler, our Edinburgh-based crew has you covered. Before you plot your next production, read this resource guide for performing artists. Select a category of most frequently asked questions or browse the pages below to view the answers: Road conditions, traffic cameras, weather, ferry schedules, traffic flow maps and more can be found on WSDOT's Traveler Information web site.You can also call the 5-1-1 line or tune to your local radio station.This work was essential in order to maintain their speed advantage.Two of the pirates favorite types of ships were the sloop and the schooner.

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