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As I went to click the “block” button, I realized something.

This guy was carefully perusing my photos and posts, but Isn’t it fascinating how men love to divulge their attraction to big women when hidden behind the veil anonymity?

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I’d have messages from men telling me how hot I was, but they had no photos, no profile info, nothing!I'm putting together a datasheet for - maybe the timing's right for something worth a damn. I just used the search to turn up a datasheet by Baphomet (which I had posted on, and forgotten about), so I'm going through it again now. Had to drive back home so I didn't feel like sticking around at her apartment while she talked about her dog.The intended age range is for 40 men, a few years ahead of me, but I'm sure it'll be useful . Will hang out with her again, hopefully she won't get as drunk next time. Was texting an OKC lead who was at a bar a few miles from my apartment. Haven't met her in person so I was doubting she would agree.I've recently launched a major offensive on Match.com, and so far, decent results for a start. Got 3 numbers off the site over the past couple days. Collected 15 numbers from my 1st two weeks on - a date lined up for almost every day this week. Collected 15 numbers from my 1st two weeks on - a date lined up for almost every day this week. Okc sucks There's also tons of attention and messages you get when you open the account then it all fizzles within a week Girls reply to you and talk and once you go for the close they disappear.I don't think we have a dedicated thread on here for that site yet . Girls are pretty cute, which is why I'm wondering why they're on there. Even did two in the same day on Sunday (shouldn't have). Even did two in the same day on Sunday (shouldn't have). Most women on there have been there for years and are literally just attention whoring. We hit up my hometown and bounced around to different venues for drinks and food. She definitely talked about 75% of the time which made things easy because we had a little bit of a drive to and from where we met up. She was pretty drunk and I was sober since I have a higher tolerance.

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