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As a result, most Chinese immigrants coming through the Port of Boston were sent to the East Boston facility for further interrogation and were sometimes asked hundreds of questions in order to prove their identity.During World War II, the East Boston station served an additional function as a temporary detention center for persons labeled "enemy aliens." World War II had begun in Europe in 1939 and on March 30, 1941, Italian and German officers and crews aboard two cargo ships were detained at the East Boston station under an "anti-sabotage" order.He has been studying the Connecticut Valley since his Wesleyan master’s thesis 25 years ago.“The mission was to bring to light the very special landscapes of national significance of Meriden and the Connecticut Valley,” Le Tourneau said.

Before the Euro-Americans the earliest culture was the ancient people the Hohokams, their descendants became the Yavapai, and are now the present day Yavapai-Prescott tribe. The camp contained much of the necessary infrastructure such as barracks, a recreational hall, bathhouses, latrines, a school building, infirmary, utilities, and roads.Military Area 1 had established an arbitrary and senseless boundary that ran along Highway 95 and 60, dividing the state of Arizona in half.The boundary continued along Grand and Van Buren Streets, bisecting Phoenix.So SUID:a-maye; Densho Name: Mayer; USGName: Mayer Assembly Center, Arizona; Type: Temporary Assembly Center; Admin Agency: Wartime Civil Control Administration; Date Opened: May 7, 1942; Date Closed: June 2, 1942; Location Name: Mayer, Arizona; City Name: Mayer; State Name: AZ; Description: Located 75 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Mayer was set on land that was originally farmland.; GISLat:34.3833; GISLng:-112.2333; GISTGNId:2007019; Current Disposition:; Population Description: Held people from southern Arizona.; Exit Destination: Poston; Peak Population:245; Peak Date:1942-05-25; NPSMore Info Resource Link: Official Resource Link:; The Mayer Assembly Center, with a peak population of just 245 inmates, was the least populated of all the "assembly centers" and also the one in operation for the shortest time.Located in Arizona, most of the inmates came from the Salt River Valley in Arizona's Maricopa County.

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